Episode 35 – Wolf Guy

June 12th, 2017

Episode 35! Talkin' about Kazuhiko Yamaguchi's 1975 film Wolf Guy, starring Sonny Chiba! The film was once an obscure rarity, but the fine folks at Arrow Video have rescued it and unleashed it on the masses. Get your wolf-tastic copy here or support small business and get one at Diabolik DVD!

Also: my apologies for Stephen's weird audio in a few spots (the first 7--8 minutes and a little bit around 15 minutes in). For some reason, my old 4-track keeps doing this, but be assured that I am trying to remedy the problem as best I can. I'm thinking it's a "dust in the machine" issue (whatever the hell that is), so we'll see if a good ol' deep cleaning does the trick. Fingers crossed for next episode!

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